Rob Flax Kicks off Music+Code Video Campaign

Date(s) - 11/15/2020
2:00 pm EST - 3:00 pm EST



Enjoy Beautiful Music and learn something new and beautiful about the world of Math and Programming!

Want a family-friendly, musical, and educational event for a good cause?

Musician, Mathematician, and all around Fun Person, Rob Flax, will join us to kick off our crowdfunding campaign to fund the creation of musician-featured videos for our Music+Code curriculum.

Fractal Fiddle Tune by Rob Flax

This event is free (gratis), but there is a “Supporter” ticket option which will get you an award (branded USB with goodies) and count toward this crowdfunding campaign.

Who is Rob Flax?

“He’s a master of bringing people together and making art out of nothing in a short amount of time.” —South as Shore Living

Short Bio

Multi-instrumentalist Rob Flax describes his music in a concise way: “I play things with strings, I hit stuff, and I sing.” Behind this simple tag line lies a rich depth of genre-bending, from classical and jazz violin to bluegrass fiddle, to blues and rock influences, and beyond. In his “One Man Band” shows, Rob uses a looper pedal and other effects to transform his violin into an entire symphony of sounds. Rob is a graduate of the New England Conservatory, where he received his master’s degree in Contemporary Improvisation, and he currently lives in Boston. Read more at

What is Music+Code? What is this Campaign about?

For more information on the campaign, please see

Register below and join us for a good time for a great cause!

Image Credits: Mandelbrot fractal, as found on and Hi-res headshot by Jonathan Hsu Photography


Bookings are closed for this event.

4 thoughts on “Rob Flax Kicks off Music+Code Video Campaign

  1. Today is the final day to register (registration closes at midnight EST). Hope to see you there.

  2. Some fractal fun for today. I remixed a fractal snowflake I found on the Music Blocks planet, and added some simple yet satisfying musical elements. Read more, check out the videos, and download the sheet music at

  3. I am excited to have Rob Flax perform for us next Sunday!

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