Online Class Gift Pass 12 Lessons

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Gift yourself and others with these prepaid passes while saving time and money!

Good for 12 (Twelve!) sessions (both private and group). Private lesson sessions are thirty minutes, and group sessions are sixty minutes.

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Good for 12 (Twelve!) private lessons. Private lesson sessions are thirty minutes, but may be used consecutively (i.e. “back to back”) to schedule hour-long lessons.

Features of this Gift Pass:

  • Great gift option!
  • Receive 120 booking credits.
  • Thirty minute lessons cost 10 booking credits each. (This could be used for 12 weeks of half-hour lessons or 6 weeks of hour-long lessons!)
  • You may only use these booking credits for private lessons.
  • Booking credits good for 300 days from purchase, so you have plenty of time for you to use your passes.
  • This pass will remain on sale indefinitely and is worth a discount of 5%. This is one way to reward yourself for planning ahead!

This choice is great for those who would like the bulk discount, but don’t yet know their schedule. It is also a great gift choice — for yourself and others.

How does these passes save us time?

No need to pay for lessons over and over again. Pay once, and enjoy lessons for the long-term.

When can I start using my credits?

You can start using your credits anytime. You may not, however, use credits to pay for classes in which you are already enrolled.

Can I use this with all classes?

You may use your credits for all classes with Chie Yasuda (Art), Devin Ulibarri (Music, Guitar), Carl Puglisi (Drums), and Music+Code classes — both private and group classes. All sharing sessions for the duration of enrollment are included. Classes with 3rd party instructors (e.g. not mentioned above) may be priced differently. For those instructors, participation in this offer is on a case-by-case basis because those instructors set their own prices.

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