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Save Time and Money with These Limited Offers (Black Friday 2022)

Save 20-30%

We are excited to announce a limited-time offer to help families save time and money for their year-end** and 2023 classes!

Booking credits: Back by popular request

This is the third year that we are making this special offer for students to purchase lessons in bulk to save time and money. All participating students have reported their satisfaction, and we received many requests to offer them again this year!

How does this offer save us money?

We have three tiers of pricing, which can save you between 20% and 30% on the standard half-hour private lesson and hour group class rate.

Special OfferTotal Value of Private Lessons or Group LessonsBlack Friday Pricing (until Nov. 30th)Total Dollar SavingsPercentage Savings
1000 Booking Credits Option$5500$3850$165030%
800 Booking Credits Option$4400$3300$110025%
600 Booking Credits Option$3300$2640$66020%
Comparison of This Year’s Black Friday Special Offerings

How does this offer save us time?

Most families are making class payments once every two months. These packages offer approximately a year (depending on how often you take classes) of classes. Pay once, and enjoy classes for the long-term.

Is there a Sibling Discount?

No. However, all of the offerings this year are better than any year-round sibling discounts we provide.

When does this Deal End?

This offer ends November 30th. Also, please note that we are only offering a limited stock of these items at their sale price (details below).

**When can I start using my credits?

You can start using your credits anytime. You may not, however, use credits to pay for classes in which you are already enrolled.

Can I use this with all classes?

You may use your credits for all classes with Ms. Chie, Mr. Devin, Ms. Carrie, and Music+Code classes — both private and group classes. All sharing sessions for the duration of enrollment are included. Classes with 3rd party instructors (e.g. not mentioned above) may be priced differently. For those instructors, participation in this offer is on a case-by-case basis because those instructors set their own prices.

As we did last year, private lessons cost 10 credits, and group classes cost 6.

The discount is different from last year

We recently published new Pricing and Policy Updates. In short, we did not increase any of our base prices, nor do we plan to for 2023. However, the sibling discount for group classes has decreased slightly, and there are differences between last year’s Special Offers and this year’s.

Where are the 2023 Group Class Offerings Published?

Group classes for 2023 are published at If you would like a different time, or would like to request a specific class please email us at

Thank you!

That’s it. We hope that this helps. Cheers!

600 Credits
Save 20%
60 Private Lessons, 100 Group Classes
Commit now for a Big Discount
Book via Self-Serve
All Private Lessons Included
All Group Classes Included
Does not expire until 700 days after purchase
Purchase Now
800 Credits
Save 25%
80 Private Lessons, 133 Group Classes
Commit now for a Bigger Discount
Book via Self-Serve
All Private Lessons Included
All Group Classes Included
Does not expire until 700 days after purchase
Purchase Now
1000 Credits
Save 30%
100 Private Lessons, 166 Group Classes
Commit now for The Best Discount
Book via Self-Serve
All Private Lessons Included
All Group Classes Included
Does not expire until 700 days after purchase!
Purchase Now
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Music+Code Crowdfunding Campaign Kickoff: Selections

Last November we hosted polymath musician Rob Flax to kick off our Music+Code crowdfunding campaign. Rob played a variety of music, including his latest single, but most of the music centered around math and music in some way. You can check out selected samples from the concert below.

Fractal Hornpipe

Rob started the concert with his original composition, Fractal Hornpipe. The melody to fractal hornpipe has the structure of a fractal while still being musically satisfying. Click on the player below to listen to his live performance.

Fractal Hornpipe by Rob Flax as performed for Music+Code Campaign Kickoff

That’s a fun challenge I set for myself… Can something be the best of both worlds? Can I have good music that is also good math? […] I want it to be something that is mathematically rigorous, that has fractal structure, but is also fun to listen to…

Rob Flax, Music+Code Campaign Kickoff 11/15/2020

Fractal 2

After Rob’s wonderful performance of “Fractal Hornpipe, he then performed “Fractal 2”. This piece is composed from a snippet of “Fractal Hornpipe”. The rationale, as he explained it is that because fractals go on forever it would be nice to have Fractal Hornpipe be the start of other music (i.e. and not be a dead-end in fractal creation/similarity).

“Fractal 2” by Rob Flax

Factorial’s Revenge

Next, Rob played an interesting piece that he co-created with one of his patron’s (who is also a polymath musician) who also attended the concert (and also contributed to the campaign — thank you, Lynz!). The piece features a sequence of repeated notes that ends up to be a factorial (i.e. 4, followed by 3, then 2, and 1).

It’s the math operation with the most “Zazz”!

Rob Flax, Speaking of Factorials (11/15/20)

Grand Finale: Rob plays with Music Blocks

Rob Flax Music+Code Final Performance with Music Blocks

To end the concert, Rob played together with Music Blocks, visual programming language. MAP instructor, Devin Ulibarri, created a script (i.e. some computer code) that created randomly generated music to perform together with Rob. Rob Flax, being a master improvisor, created melodic phrases on the fly to respond to Devin’s program.

What is Music+Code Crowdfunding Campaign?

Rob’s concert is the first in a series of performances to promote our Music+Code crowdfunding campaign. The campaign is a fundraising effort to hire professional musicians to be featured artists on videos for our Music+Code curriculum. MAP instructors Walter Bender and Devin Ulibarri are leading the effort to create Music+Code lesson plans which you can check out right here on the MAP website. Rob was a great choice to start the campaign because he knows math and music very well, and the Music+Code curriculum is very rich in musical and mathematical concepts.

How you can participate in Music+Code Crowdfunding Campaign?

Here are three ways that you can participate in the Music+Code crowdfunding campaign.

Note: Audio recordings (without video) on this page are copyright (2020) of Rob Flax (i.e. recorded by Rob Flax) and are used with permission. Video on this page is copyright (2020) of Remake Music, LLC. All works are copyright under Creative Commons Share-Alike 4.0 license.