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MAP Students Showcase at Open House

MAP Student showcases his work

Last Sunday, we had an open house event, which was open to the public. MAP students showcased what they have learned at MAP over the past few months.

MAP students performed music and showcased for each other, as well as visitors from the general public. Each student contributed to the activity in some way. When we were finished, I compiled a video of their showcased work. Please check out the following video to see what the kids are doing.

MAP Student Showcase Video

Student Showcase from Jan. Open House

What are the Kids Learning?

MAP students are learning so much in their classes. Of course, they are learning music, art, and computer programming, and they are studying with some of the most knowledgeable instructors in their respective fields. However, here at MAP we understand that students need a holistic education. That is why, included with lesson packages, students are invited to perform weekly in sharing sessions.

Weekly Sharing Sessions

How many times have you learned something only to find out that you were not able to use what you learning? Performance, showcasing, and portfolios should be a central part of everyone’s education. We do not understand something until we try to show what we learned to others. This is one of the many reasons that we offer weekly sharing sessions.

2nd Graders are the “Makers” of their own Games

Near the end of the video, one of the students says of his game, “I am the maker”. It is amazing to hear this 2nd grader describing himself this way. Imagine a world where kids envision themselves as the creators and the makers of their technology. This is categorically different than kids passively playing video games. Our Music+Code classes empower kids to participate in the creation their technology. Led by the legendary instructor Walter Bender, who co-founded One Laptop Per Child and Sugar Labs, these students really learn how to dominate their computers, while having fun in the process.

Interested in Learning More?

You can always feel free to contact us from this site, by phone, or email.

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Art Student Showcase

We have posted a lot of student performances over the past few months, but would like to take a moment to acknowledge our students’ art. Amelia is doing great work!

Amelia is taking both Art and Music and MAP Family Learning Center, and she is doing amazing work. Check out her latest work in the gallery below.

Amelia has been taking art classes at MAP since we opened in 2019. When the pandemic started, the group classes turned into private lessons. She continued with these online private lessons and has made remarkable progress.

The painting featured at the very top of this post was made over the summer, and the three paintings above were sent early December. You can see quite the progress Amelia has made.

Amelia studies art with MAP instructor, Chie Yasuda. You can see Chie’s art on her website at

Please follow us to continue to receive updates on MAP student art.

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Steel String and Nylon String Performances by Cameron

MAP guitar student Cameron sent in these wonderful videos to share with everyone. Please enjoy!

MAP Student Cameron Performs Secret Place

Some Background: Cameron started studying in 2015 with MAP Instructor, Devin Ulibarri. At that time, Cameron had studied guitar for a few months with another instructor but had not yet learned to read music. Mr. Devin taught Cameron how to read music on guitar, finger-style technique, and even worked together with Cameron to create some arrangements of video game music. It is amazing to thing that in 5 years time, he has made this much progress. Way to go, Cameron!

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Two New Student Videos (Younger Sibling)

The previous post featured the older sibling in this family who has been joining lessons from India over the past few months. She plays “Andantino” and “Country Dance” (from Royal Conservatory Books) for us here. She is really playing quite well!

Student Performance of Andantino
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Two New Student Videos (older sibling)

Check out these two new videos by a MAP guitar student. She is doing great and has been joining us weekly for classes from India!

She performs two pieces for us from the Royal Conservatory Books (Level 2). The first is “Andante” and the 2nd is “Tango Pour Mario”. Way to go with these challenging pieces.

Student performance of Andante

Next, I will publish videos from this student’s younger sibling. Stay tuned!

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Save Time and Money with These Limited Offers

We are excited to announce a limited-time offer to help families save time and money for their year-end** and 2021 classes!

How does this offer save us money?

We have three tiers of pricing, which can save you 40-60% on the standard class rate.

How does this offer save us time?

Most families are making class payments once every two months. These packages offer approximately a year (depending on how often you take classes) of classes. Pay once, and enjoy classes for the long-term.

Is there a Sibling Discount?

No. However, if you purchase the 100 class package the rate is lower than any sibling rate we have offered.

When does this Deal End?

This offer ends November 30th. Also, please note that we are only offering a limited stock of these items at their sale price (details below).

**When can I start using my credits?

You can start using your credits anytime. You may not, however, use credits to pay for classes in which you are already enrolled. Since most families are already enrolled in classes through the end of 2020, we expect most families to use their credits starting in 2021.

Can I use this with all classes?

You may use your credits for all classes with Ms. Chie, Mr. Devin, Drums with Carl Puglisi (new!), and Music+Code classes — both private and group classes. For the purposes of this offer, a thirty minute private lesson is equal to an hour group class. All sharing sessions for the duration of enrollment are included. What cannot be promised are classes with 3rd party instructors (e.g. not mentioned above). For those instructors, participation in this offer is on a case-by-case basis because those instructors set their own prices.

Thank you!

That’s it. We hope that this helps. Cheers!


(As of 11/29 at 1p.m.) We have just sold out of the 100 Lesson Pass. Please consider the other valuable offers before they run out or expire.

25 Sessions
Only 10 Available at this Price
Save 40%
$30 per session
Commit now for a Big Discount
Book via Self-Serve or Concierge
Private Lessons with Devin Ulibarri
Private Lessons with Chie Yasuda
Group Music+Code Classes
Sharing Sessions Included
Does not expire until 400 days after purchase
Purchase Now
50 Sessions
Only 5 Available at this Price
Save 50%
$25 per session
Commit now for a Bigger Discount
Book via Self-Serve or Concierge
Private Lessons with Devin Ulibarri
Private Lessons with Chie Yasuda
Group Music+Code Classes
Sharing Sessions Included
Does not expire until 400 days after purchase
Purchase Now
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Holiday E-Card Competition Announcement

Competition Announcement!

We are excited to announce a competition for students to create a Holiday E-Card (any Holiday is fine). More details to come.

General Guidelines

  • Project is open-ended. There are multiple solutions. Be creative and have fun.
  • Projects will be judged by MAP instructors.
  • Any holiday is fine for the theme (i.e. not elusively a “Chirstmas Card”)
  • Submission deadline is 12/19/2020 (beofre our next concert).

Registration and submission details to be announced soon. Prizes also to be announced soon. Please consider joining our newsletter to stay up-to-date with details.

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Fractal Fun

This upcoming Sunday, we are having a special guest, Rob Flax, play some fun math-themed music for us. In anticipation of the event, I have created a “musical remix” of a fractal snowflake that I found on the Music Blocks planet. I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I do.

Hypnotic Fractal Snowflake

As a musician, I find the patterns very interesting and have been using them as a warm-up this morning. They are deceptively unpredictable (although they follow a pattern). For those who want a fresh new addition to their scale exercises, I encourage you to download the following files and try them out. The versions below are more or less the same as the videos. (Warning: The third file is very, very long.)

Sheet Music Download

Note: Source code on following page.

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Testimonial of Music+Code and One More Opportunity for Teachers

Raley Beggs, M.M. New England Conservatory and Doctoral Candidate at Florida State University, attended one of our “What is Music+Code?” classes for teachers a few weeks ago. Afterward, he had the following to say about the experience:

I took MAP “Music + Code Intro” class as a veteran classical music performer, educator, and scholar with absolutely no experience with coding and no expectations. The course introduced me to their groundbreaking program “Music Blocks”, teaching the intricacies of coding and music concurrently. “Music Blocks” has identified and addressed a 21st century reality: coding is a remarkably valuable skillset that we interact with for hours at a time in our daily life, whether we know it or not. More impressive is that “Music Blocks” has revealed immense similarities between coding and the creative arts; particularly music composition.

Having such extensive experience with the music world and its cognitive demands, I was amazed how clear and concise “Music Blocks” explained the concept of rhythm and formal organization in music. Many students have such difficulties organizing concepts of vertical relationships (harmony) and horizontal relationships (rhythm) in their music training. Both were addressed in “Music Blocks”. Time is perhaps the most important dimension to understand in music, and “Music Blocks” makes it simple by allowing students to experiment with values, fractions, durations, repetitions, and so much more. It was a simple and refreshing new way for me to understand music that I had never considered.

Pattern recognition and experimentation are skills developed and rewarded with music training. What I didn’t know is that the very same skills apply to coding. I have never seen code, much less created it, and by the end of my hour session in “Music + Code Intro” I found myself excited to try new combinations and patterns in my own project! I will never see coding the same after realizing how similar it is to music composition.

I enjoyed this course so much that I plan to implement its lessons to my own teaching and performing, as well as recommending my own students to give it a try! My time with “Music Blocks” has changed my understanding towards coding and my own professional understanding of music education.

One more chance to learn!

We are very proud to be sharing a tool that teachers may use for their own exploration of music as well as to help explain the basic concepts in music.

This Wednesday, we are having another event for teachers to learn “What is Music+Code”? Register now at