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A few upcoming concerts and art events for Spring 2024

Hi all,

I just wanted to give a quick update for some concerts I recommend MAP students to attend.

Upcoming concerts

Attending music concerts is a critical part of education. Just as we learn language by listening to those around us speaking the language, we learn music by listening to it, and a concert is a presentation of music by people speaking their musical language. Plus, one of these concerts features a MAP music instructor as performer, and one features MAP students.

So, here’s some upcoming concerts:

For the paid events, MAP instructor Devin Ulibarri may be able to get students in for a discount. If you are currently taking lessons and interested in attending, please ask.

Upcoming art event

MAP art instructor Chie Yasuda will be showcasing her work as part of Somerville Open Studios on the weekend of May 4-5. If you are able, we encourage you to check out her work. Her art will be showcased at the Armory in Somerville, MA. More information is available at

Keep the learning going!

We hope that families can take advantage of this list of events, which we expect to be entertaining, educational, and inspiring. We’ll also do our best to keep you in the loop of other events.


Devin Ulibarri, MAP Teaching Artist

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Congrats to two of our students for winning the Altamira special prize

Harshini and Ananya, smiling at the camera

Two students of MAP Family Learning Center recently won the Altamira special prize at this year’s University of Rhode Island (URI) Guitar Festival Rising Stars Virtual Competition. Harshini and Ananya, siblings who have been studying guitar with Devin Ulibarri since 2016, received the news in mid-November that they were chosen for the special prize. As winners, they will receive a new N600 Classical Guitar, valued at $1800. We are very proud and happy for them both.

The criteria for winning the Altamira special prize is based on a mix of need and merit. According to the URI Guitar Festival website, the jury was asked to choose a “High School Division guitarist in greatest need of a new instrument.” Harshini and Ananya have worked very hard over the years and made steady progress. In fact, in 2020 circumstances required that they move out of Malden, MA, but they have persisted in their study of music by continuing their lessons with Mr. Devin online. We are very proud to have them as students at MAP!

Of hearing about their being awarded the prize, Mr. Devin said, “I’m so very proud of both of them. Their hard work and dedication over the years has really paid off. I’m excited that they were able to participate in this competition and receive this encouraging award for their effort.” He added, “I’m also very thankful to the leadership of URI Guitar Festival for their thoughtful approach to competitions, finding ways to award students for their hard work while also helping those in need of better instruments to help them achieve their maximum potential. We need more competition prizes like the Altamira special prize that Harshini and Ananya received.”

We plan to publish some more recent recordings of these two students in the near future, but in the meantime, you may hear a previous recording of her work on our blog at

Please join us in congratulating Harshini and Ananya by dropping some kind words into the comments below!

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June Music+Code Hackathon

Teddy Hacking with Music Blocks

Are you a parent interested in enrolling your kid in a fun and educational activity?

Our Music+Code Hackathon offers classes to help kids get started with the Music Blocks visual programming language, a fun and powerful tool that combines music and programming. Students will learn the basics in classes led by MAP instructor Devin Ulibarri. There will be six classes over the course of two weeks plus a showcase for students to show and talk about their creations and process.

If this sounds like something that interests you, please check out our registration page for more details.

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Website: A New Look

kid with computer

MAP Family Learning Center began in Malden, MA in 2019, and we are very proud to still be headquartered in Malden. This being said, the coronavirus pandemic has moved us to focus entirely on online learning.

“Online” Subdomain

Our intention with the MAPFLC (MAP Family Learning Center) venture is to create a framework teaching artists could use for themselves. How nice would it be if musicians and artists had a “one-click” solution to starting their own school? (As a musician myself, I know that this sort of option would have been a very desirable post-graduation career prospect.) Malden was the first location, and I made myself the first guinea pig, working as the head teaching artist at our Malden location.

For those who may not know, a subdomain is the part of the URL before the “” (“www” is the most common subdomain). My vision as I created the website was that teaching artists could benefit from the MAP brand by being connected to our network, while still being “local”. Since the first locality was “Malden”, I made “”. I imagined a teaching artist, for example, in Chicago, would be “”.

Note to Teaching Artists: Since the website functionality is already built, it really is just a “click of a button” to start someone with their own website on We continue to work on creating our framework, but we hope that this is something that can add value to what we can do for you.

Since the learning is all happening “online” for much of the foreseeable future, we started “”. Doing this also allowed us to redo our look and feel from scratch, now that we have learned more about making a nice website.

Who made the website?

Music+Code instructor, Devin Ulibarri, in the spirit of learning new things, took it upon himself to learn how to create a website by creating Art instructor, Chie Yasuda, helped choose the theme and guide the general “look and feel” of the website.

What is the toolkit?

The website is built from WordPress, which is distributed at WordPress is free/libre software, and allows us the freedom we need to extend its functionality.

We used many plugins, such as Booking Activities, Events Manager Pro, and Newsletter to create important features that drive the website.

Free/Libre Software and Education

The other important reason why our choice of free/libre software for the website is significant is it means that any students interested to study how our website works is free to do so. Students curious how WordPress works are encouraged to first go to and download the source code, which is what the computer reads to make the website run.

Music Blocks, the tool we use for our Music+Code classes, is also free/libre. You may always download the source code from Git Hub.

If you are interested in learning more about Music+Code, we encourage you to explore our class offerings.