Music+Code Hackathon


Two week “hackathon” for kids to learn music, math, and code while making fun and beautiful creations. 9am class is for ages 7-9. 10am classes are for ages 10-13. Sibling discount is available ($150 per sibling — please inquiry if booking different times as the website does not apply the discount when booking different times).

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NOTE: Registration for June Hackathon has ended and registration for July Hackathon has begun. Enjoy!

Don't Quarantine Your Kids' Curiosity

Looking for something to do at home that is both entertaining and educational?

MAP Family Learning Center is offering a two week long Music+Code Hackathon to help keep the kids engaged creating projects that combine math, music, and code.

Upgrade Your Screentime at MAP

Music+Code is the unique curriculum developed by MAP Family Learning Center teachers to teach math, music, and coding in a fun and integrated way.

Watch this video of the instructor, Devin Ulibarri, creating projects with his two year old son. (Our classes are for students ages 7-13, but we may try some family-style classes in the future.)

Students will meet (via video conference) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9am (ages 7-9) and 10am (ages 10-13) for a total of six classes over two weeks. On the final day, students will stay for an additional hour to showcase their projects. Parents are encouraged (but not required) to attend classes. Parents are highly encouraged to attend the Friday showcase at 11am.

During the video conference, Music+Code instructor Devin Ulibarri will start from the very basics of the Music Blocks language (no experience necessary). Each day, a new concept will be introduced. Project assignments will be given at the end of each class.

In between classes, students are to send their project assignments for review. Music+Code instructors (Devin Ulibarri and Walter Bender) will review project assignments and give feedback. Students can spend as much time as they can on their projects between classes, but more work will result in better feedback from their instructors.

During the showcase, students will be asked to describe their projects, their process, and what they learned while creating their projects.

After the hackathon, participating students will be given a coupon code to register in the upcoming Music Blocks competition at no additional cost.

Register for the hackathon now.