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Save Time and Money with These Limited Offers (Black Friday 2021)

Offer has ended

Editorial note: This offer has ended. Please see this year’s offer. Also, please consider signing up to our newsletter to receive updates on special offers such as these.

We are excited to announce a limited-time offer to help families save time and money for their year-end** and 2022 classes!

Important Note: In accordance with this year’s important Pricing and Policy Updates, there are differences between last year’s Special Offers and this year’s. Please read carefully.

What Parents Are Saying about Booking Credits

This is the second year that we are making this special offer for students to purchase lessons in bulk to save time and money. All participating students have reported their satisfaction.

And thanks for the heads up about the credits!  […] I think it’s good then as I can see both Heather and Nathan have been learning a lot of guitar skills.  The credits worked pretty well.  Would you continue to offer the same credits for us?  This way will save me time to track their lessons as the way to keep them continuously learning.

Betty, Parent of Two Sibling Students of MAP
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