Terms of Use

Cancellation Policy for Group Classes

Students are not eligible for refunds or credits if you are absent to group class.

If MAPFLC Online needs to cancel a group class (and cannot find a substitute)…

We will give you booking credits worth the amount of the class minus any discounts you received.

Notification: We will notify current students by email with the email we have on file (the one you register with when you create an account on the website). We will also post a notice to this website. You may also contact us by email to inquire at info@maldenlearning.com. You may call our office at 781-605-3711, but we may not be able to reply in time as we do not always have staff answering the phone. In which case, you are encouraged to leave a message.

Contracts: For contracts with schools (as with a partnership program), we will do our best to work with the school to find other times to fulfill our contracted number of hours. However, if it is impossible to find a mutually agreeable time, we require that the contracted hours be paid in full.

Cancellation Policy for Private Lessons

If you, the student, need to cancel your private lesson:

If you are within the 14 day time frame to reschedule, first reschedule online from your profile page. If you are outside of the 14 day time frame your lesson will not be rescheduled. However, the teacher will use your scheduled time to create helpful materials for you to study. You can expect to receive the materials within 2-3 days of your scheduled lesson.

Note: As of 9/4/2020, we are offering 6 day time frame for rescheduling. We may move back to 14 days at any time.

If the teacher needs to cancel the private lesson:

First, the teacher will try and find a substitute for you. If, after looking for a substitute, the teacher will contact you immediately. You will receive booking credits to reschedule the class.

You may not cancel your lesson or request a refund if we have found a substitute.