Competition Rules

These rules are for the Winter e-card Competition. This page will also be used for rules to future competitions and will be modified accordingly.

These rules are subject to change.


Important Notice: It is not necessary to use this template, and usage of this template does not automatically mean your project will have better chances (or not) to win this competition. We are providing this template to help new learners get up and running more quickly.

Template Link:

Template Instructions (Video and Text)

Music+Code e-card from Template Demo
  1. Open template either via the link (recommended) or by opening the downloadable file (above) and opening with Music Blocks (or
  2. Run the project to get a sense of how the e-card works.
  3. Read the block structure to understand how the program works.
  4. Remix the music and/or e-card to make something original.
  5. Save project as “.html” and attach this file as part of your submission.


  • Participants must be between ages 5-18.
  • Only one submission per participant.
  • Deadline for submission is 12/19/20 at midnight. No submissions made after the deadline will be accepted. Submissions made after the deadline, however, will receive feedback.
  • The submission fee must be paid with the submission.
  • The e-card submission must be made with Music Blocks software.
  • For consideration as a finalist, the submission must have a winter, seasonal, and/or holiday theme.
  • For consideration as a finalist, the submission must be original.
  • For consideration as a finalist, the submission must be fun and creative.
  • The submission does not need to be based on a religious holiday.

Adjudication Date

The adjudication date has not yet been determined.


Prizes have not yet been determined.


All submissions will receive feedback from Devin Ulibarri and/or Walter Bender.

Submission Page

The submission page is published on