Kite Guitar Lecture/demo by Kite Giedraitis, Aaron Wolf, and Timmy (Part 1)

Date(s) - 04/11/2021
6:00 pm EDT - 7:00 pm EDT



Ever wonder why there are twelve notes in an octave?

Ever wonder about other alternatives, and what benefits they offer?

Did you know there’s a way to get your chords more in tune?

Check out the Kite Guitar, which makes amazing harmonic “impossibilities” a reality. All the beauty of Just Intonation (think “Barbershop” or “Choir” harmony) with the practicality of a normal, everyday guitar. Event is Sunday, 4/11/21 at 3PM PST (6PM EST).

At this event–part of our ongoing concert series to support Music+Code video creationKite Giedraitis, Aaron Wolf and, Timmy will explain the principles of tuning and harmonic relationships. They will also demonstrate the Kite Guitar, just recently conceived of in 2019. It uses a high-resolution tuning with more notes than a regular guitar. It approximates the harmonic series much more closely and opens up new musical dimensions.


Want a “pre-concert” listen? Check out these two examples. The second example is a side-by-side comparison of a chord progression that works well on the Kite Guitar (41EDO), but not on a “normal” (12EDO) guitar.

Auld Lang Syne arr. by Aaron Wolf for Kite Guitar

April 11th at 3PM PST (6 PM EST). In honor of the Kite Guitar’s “41 Equal Divisions of the Octave” (aka “41EDO”) tuning, we are doing this event on 4/11. Also, if there was ever a year to do Kite Guitar, this is it (20+21). Let’s explore and celebrate this new innovation in music, math, and guitar!

Want to support Music+Code curriculum together with Kite Guitar development and research? Choose the “Supporter Ticket”! 20% of funds will be donated to the folks at Kite Guitar, and the rest will be used for Music+Code video creation (click here for details).


Bookings are closed for this event.

3 thoughts on “Kite Guitar Lecture/demo by Kite Giedraitis, Aaron Wolf, and Timmy (Part 1)

  1. Gosh, I love watching these demo videos of the Kite Guitar!

  2. Attention: A “davidlc[…]1” just registered now, but the email bounced. If this is you, please register again and double-check your email address.

  3. The event is today! We hope to see everyone soon. All those who have already registered should have received an email (sent ~3:06PM EST). This email contains the Jitsi link, which will allow you to interact with presenters. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check spam. For those who would like to watch live via YouTube, the link is | Feel free to share this link.

    As always, thank you to everyone who purchased a supporter ticket. Purchasing a supporter ticket helps us continue to do events such as this one. Also, if you decide to support at a later date (or support more), you may do so on our campaign page at

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